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Patients with Inoperable CTEPH

In a 2011 registry of 679 CTEPH patients, 37% (247) were deemed inoperable1

According to the Fifth World Symposium on Pulmonary Hypertension that convened in 20132:

  • All patients diagnosed with CTEPH should receive lifelong anticoagulation

  • Comparing radiographic burden of disease with hemodynamics is critical to determining operability and risk from surgery before performing pulmonary thromboendarterectomy (PTE) (also called pulmonary endarterectomy [PEA])

  • Overall operability assessment must consider patient factors, including comorbidities


Operability assessment remains a subjective process, so reevaluation of operability by a second experienced CTEPH center in cases initially deemed inoperable is recommended.2

noperable CTEPH patients table

PTE myth

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